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Avionics Databus Solutions

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Fibre Channel

Common Core Design
AIM’s Fibre Channel test, simulation & analysis modules use our revolutionary ‘Common Core’ hardware design giving you the best performance, best feature set & highest functional integration on the market using a 1200MHz Dual Core RISC processor, massive and scalable memory and IRIG-B time encoder/ decoder functions as standard.

The new ultra high performance intelligent PCI-X Bus/ PCIe Bus modules offer two ports with full function test, simulation, monitoring and analyzer functions for Fibre Channel networks. The Dual Core processor provides onboard processing and data transfer capabilities for the most demanding Fibre Channel applications including upper layer protocol support done on board level.

Large and high data throughput RAM is accessible for the onboard processor as is a high performance FPGA implementing the customised Fibre Channel Interfaces enabling the board to analyze incoming and modify outgoing data in real time. Each module provides two Fibre Channel compliant full duplex ports, implementing the full link level services. SFP cages make it suitable for different media types as optical or electrical network technologies.

Ports operate either in Traffic Simulator or Analyser/ Monitor mode with support for port related Frame Statistics. Sophisticated packet capturing mechanism and monitoring features are complimented with powerful triggering and filtering capabilities. Supported Fibre Channel Network Topologies include:

• Point-to-Point
• Tap Analyzer (Inline Monitor/ Pollution Mode)
• Switched Fabric
• Arbitrated Loop

The modules provide Fibre Channel compliant Interface Logic with analyzer function which supports the Link service Classes 1, 2 and 3. All Link Level Parameters for the Fibre Channel communication are user-definable.

Huge memory resources support large receive buffers and allow complex transmit scenarios onboard.

Each module is supplied with a Board Support Package (BSP) containing all onboard software, a full Application Programming Interface (API) with sample programs as well as the Windows and Linux device drivers and detailed getting started and programming guides. Powerful Databus Analyser, Visualiser and Analysis software is optionally available for our Fibre Channel modules. The is a framework focusing on Test, Simulation and Integration under Windows and Linux offering FC-AE-ASM, FC-AE-1553, FC-AE-AV or AS5653 Analyzer functionality including decoding of Payload Data.