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Fibre Channel Modules

Fibre Channel Cards with a Difference


AIM’s Fibre Channel test, simulation and analysis modules use our field proven Common Core hardware design giving you the best performance, best feature set and highest functional integration on the market. The use of SoC (System on Chip) based core designs with one dual core RISC processor per port, massive and scalable DDR3 memory and IRIG-B time encoder/decoder functions are standard.
The new ultra high performance intelligent 4-lane PCIe 2.0 interface modules offer 2 ports with full function test, simulation, monitoring and analyzer functions for Fibre Channel networks. The dual core processor provides onboard processing and data transfer capabilities for the most demanding Fibre Channel applications including upper layer protocol support done on board level.
Large and high data throughput DDR3 RAM is accessible for the onboard processor as is a high performance FPGA implementing the customized Fibre Channel interfaces enabling the board to analyze incoming and modify outgoing data in real time. Each module provides 2 Fibre Channel compliant full duplex ports, implementing the full link level services. SFP cages make it suitable for different media types as optical or electrical network technologies.
Ports operate either in Traffic Simulator or Analyzer/Monitor mode with support for port related Frame Statistics. Sophisticated packet capturing mechanism and monitoring features are complimented with powerful triggering and filtering capabilities.

Supported Fibre Channel Network Topologies include:
• Point-to-Point
• Tap Analyzer (Inline Monitor Mode)

The modules provide Fibre Channel compliant Interface Logic with analyzer function which supports the Link service Classes 1, 2 and 3. All Link Level Parameters for the Fibre Channel communication are user-definable.
Each port provides 4GByte of low power DDR3 RAM, summarizing to 8GB for the complete module. These huge memory resources support large receive buffers and allow complex transmit scenarios onboard.
Each module is delivered with a Board Software Package (BSP) containing the onboard driver software, a full Application Programming Interface (API) and detailed getting started and programming guides. Powerful databus test and analysis software is optionally available for all our Fibre Channel modules.

The is a framework focusing on Test, Simulation and Integration under Windows and Linux offering FC-2 Analyzer functionality including decoding of Payload Data.


Available Fibre Channel Interfaces


Fibre Channel PCIe Fibre Channel CPCIe Fibre Channel PXIe


Common Features of Fibre Channel Cards

  • Simulation and Monitoring of FC-2 compliant network traffic for data rates up to 4GFC
  • Support of Upper Layer Protocols (ULP) – please contact Factory
  • Onboard IRIG-B Time Encoder and Decoder with 10ns Resolution for Time Stamping
  • 4 Trigger Inputs and 4 Trigger Outputs
  • Network TAP functionality for analyzing traffic in Real-Time and inline between 2 attached FC Ports

Fibre Channel Modules

  • 1 or 2 Port Fibre Channel Interface with up to 4GFC (fully software configurable)
  • PCIe2.0 (4x) Host Interface
  • 1 Dual-Core Processor per Port
  • 4 GByte DDR3 RAM per Port
  • SFP Frontend (optical or electrical)

Databus Test and Analysis Software

Looking for Fiber Channel Analyzer? The component handles single or multiple Fibre Channel resources providing access to all Capture and Send Ports with Network Databus Analyzer functions.

Special Features

  • FC2 traffic Simulation – for ULP Support please contact Factory
  • Realtime Traffic Visualization and Capturing
  • Decoding of captured Frames of FC-1, FC-2 and FC-4 Layers
  • Flexible Frame Generation with full Control over all FC Frame Bytes and Parameters
  • Database Manager Component to support Engineering Unit Conversion

Driver Software Support for Windows and LINUX are included.



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