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News 2020

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AIM Blog News - Welcome to the Blog of AIM

November 2020 post Features Video

Learn more about how AIM’s advanced graphical analysis, test, simulation and visualization software for Windows or Linux can help you handle any of your testing requirements for all avionics databus protocols such as MIL-STD-1553, ARINC429, AFDX/ARINC664, ARINC825 (CAN bus) and Fibre Channel.

Click here to watch our new >PBA-pro Demo Video – Automated Testing for MIL-STD-1553

November 2020 aimnewsletters

E-Newsletter October 2020

AIM News – October 2020!
  • AIM introduces the rugged portable high level Bus Analyzer
    for Avionics Test!

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October 2020 aimnewsletters

E-Newsletter September 2020

AIM News – September 2020!
  • AIM introduces the all new XMC Card for Interfacing STANAG3910/EFEX

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August 2020 aimnewsletters

E-Newsletter August 2020

AIM News – August 2020!
  • Integrated solution for Avionics Testing

  • Read the latest Technical White Paper from AIM

  • Download free Evaluation and Features Video


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August 2020 editorialfeatures

Common Software Approach

Explore the Common Software Approach to Testing all Avionics Data Buses…. is AIM’s common Platform for Test, Analysis, Simulation, Verfication and Validaten of Avionics Data Buses.

Common Software Approach
August 2020 aimnewsletters

E-Newsletter July 2020

AIM News – July 2020!
  • Learn more about AIM’s PXIe Test Tools
    for all AFDX/ARINC664P7  ProtocolsAIM E-Newsletter July 2020 about PXIe Test Tools for all AFDX/ARINC664P7 Protocols

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July 2020 editorialfeatures

Avionics Test Solutions

Learn more about AIM’s modular Avionics Test Solutions with AIM ADock/ANET…


Avionics Test Solutions
June 2020 post

AIM Guide for Applications Software

We updated our AIM Guide for Applications Software for you. is AIM’s modular, scalable and integrated software platform. > Click here for the latest Update
June 2020 aimnewsletters

E-Newsletter - June 2020

AIM News – June 2020!
  • AIM introduces XMC Card for RS485 Serial InterfaceAIM E-Newsletter for June 2020 - RS485 Serial Interface


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June 2020 post

Did You Know

AIM's latest Serial Interface AXC485-12Versatile XMC Card for RS485 Serial Interfaces:

AIM’s brand new RS485 Serial Interface is a versatile XMC card with 12 independent channels designed for handling a customer specific application such as aircraft flight and engine control systems utilizing proprietary bus protocols.

Features include a COTS RS485 transceiver frontend capable of full and half duplex operation at data rates up to 10 MBPS.

This PCIe based hardware platform has an FPGA, two ARM processors and memory to support custom appliactions with specific bus protocols and data encoding variants implemented by simple firmware loads to the onboard FPGA and ARM processors.

One such custom application is the public ‘Engine Area Distributed Interconnect Network’ (EADIN), a ‘proposed serial communication bus’ of the Distributed Engine Control Working Group > (DECWG)

An IRIG-B time stamping capability covers typical synchronization needs in test and simulation environment. A software device driver and API support for Windows and LINUX platforms address software requirements for test and simulation applications.

For more information and pricing, > please contact your local AIM office or a Representative near you.

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