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Blog 2018

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August 2018

Cyber Security Testing on Avionics Databusses with AIM's

Turnkey solution for Cyber Security Testing on avionics databusses with!
The need for Cyber Security is well-known today and affects our daily life. Therefore it is surprising that some of the most sensitive data out there is barely protected at all…


Click here for Download

Image: © COTS Journal – January 2018

Cyber Security Testing on Avionics Databusses - AIM Online
July 2018

New Datasheet for APEX3910

Learn more about the all new APEX3910 APEX3910 is a member of AIM’s latest family of PCI Expres Modules for analysing, simulating, monitoring and testing of STANAG3910/EFAbus Express databuses….
New Datasheet for APEX3910 - AIM Online
July 2018

AIM Datasheet APXX3910

Click here for the new APXX3910 Datasheet for AIM’s Single Stream STANAG3910/EFEX Test and Simulator Module for PCI
AIM Datasheet APXX3910 for PCI Modules - AIM Online
July 2018

PMC Module for AFDX/ARINC664P7

New…Learn more about AIM’s latest PMC Module for AFDX/ARINC664P7!AMCX-FDX-2
PMC Module AMCX-FDX-2 for AFDX/ARINC664P7 - AIM Online
July 2018

The new Datasheet AXC-FDX-2

Click here for the new AXC-FDX-2 Datasheet!

AXC-FDX-2 is a 2 Port 10/100/1000Mbit/s AFDX/ARINC664P7 Test, Simulator and Monitor Module for XMC.

The new AFDX/ARINC 664P7 Datasheet AXC-FDX-2 - AIM Online
July 2018

Updated AFDX/ARINC664P7 Datasheet APE-FDX-2

Learn more about AIM’s latest updated AFDX/ARINC664P7 Datasheet
APE-FDX-2 for the 2 Port 10/100/1000Mbit/s Test, Simulation and Monitor
PCIe Module APE-FDX-2
New AFDX/ARINC664P7 Datasheet APE-FDX-2 - AIM Online
July 2018

New Datasheet for ACE-FDX-3U-2

Click here for the new ACE-FDX-3U-2 Datasheet for AIM’s 2 Port 10/100/1000 Mbit/s AFDX/ARINC664P7 Test, Simulator and Monitor Module for CPCIe/PXIe
New Datasheet for ACE-FDX-3U-2 - AIM GmbH
June 2018

A winning Hand - Four ACEs

Now available, the ACE Family of PXIe solutions for MIL-STD-1553 ARINC429 AFDX/ARINC664P7 and soon to be released for STANAG3910/EFEX!
ACE cards are compatible with today’s leading PXIe platform providers using AIM’s field proven, tried, trusted latest technology, being feature rich to keep you ahead of the game for years to come!


ACE cards are supplied with a complete documentation package and Driver Software for Windows, LabVIEW VI’s, LabVIEW RT and Linux for a smooth integration with any PXIe platform provider.


AIM’s optional Test & Analysis Software for Windows or Linux is also available.

Image: © aim gmbh – freiburg

ACE1553, ACE429, ACEAFDX/ARINC664P7, Dummy
April 2018

New Datasheet for MIL-STD-1553 PCI Express Mini Card Module

Please find herewith the latest datasheet for the MIL-STD-1553 PCI Express Mini Card module AME1553-1 AME1553-1
AME1553-1 - Single Stream MIL-STD-1553 PCI Express Mini Card Module by AIM
April 2018

Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me AIM’s rugged ANET-MxAy-R Ethernet based interface for MIL-STD-1553, ARINC429 and mixed protocol applications has been qualified to MIL-810G standards for shock, vibration, humidity and altitude, for the most rugged applications… Click here for Download


March 2018

New AFDX/ARINC664P7 family released

On track with Express for triple speed AFDX/ARINC664P7 Test & Simulation

AIM has now developed a family of modules which not only handle all of the AFDX/ARINC664P7 features, but can also be easily adapted to other types of applications and Ethernet variants

Click here for Download

Image: © 123ducu /



APE-FDX-2/AXC-FDX-2/AMC-FDX-2: new AFDX/ARINC664P7 family
February 2018

AMCE1553/429: Rugged & Ready

Please find attached AIM’s latest Editorial Feature, 1st published in the AIM VIEW Newsletter, Volume 25, February 2018.

Click here for Download

Image: ©  Pavliha /

AIM's PMC modules AMCE1553/429 target MIL-STD-1553/ARINC429 Embedded Applications
February 2018

AIM VIEW Vol. 25 - now released!

Bringing you the very latest news of our wide range of products for Test, Simulation & Analysis of Avionic Databuses and Networks!

Download your copy today!

Image: ©  leungchopan / and © INFINITY /

AIMVIEW - The Newsletter of AIM GmbH - Volume 25
January 2018

Global Force Symposium & Exposition

AIM USA LLC is exhibiting at the AU SA ILW Global Force Symposium & Exposition in Huntsville, AL in March 2018. Come and visit AIM USA LLC in Booth 205 at the AUSA ILW Global Force Symposium & Exposition, being held at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL from March 26th to the 28th, 2018.  AIM USA LLC will be showcasing our latest avionics product offerings for US Army platforms.


AIM USA AUSA Global Force Symposium & ExpositionTradeshow 2018

Click here for more details on this event

January 2018

New Web Site Information

Dear Customers and Users, not all Product manuals are available for download currently, however the migration of the documents is in progress and will be completed soon. In case you have a particular need, especially for hardware manuals, do not hesitate to send an informal mail to and we will provide the required document by email. Sorry for any inconvenience during the migration.

Image: © Christian Müller/

AIM News Editorial - Professional Avionics Databus Solutions
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