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STANAG3910 Electrical
Test and Simulation Module
for Standard Ethernet


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General Features

The ANET3910-EN is a member of AIM’s Ethernet based modules for analyzing, simulating, monitoring and testing Rafale STANAG3910 databuses providing 1 dual redundant bus stream.

  • Concurrently acts as Bus Controller, Multiple Remote Terminals (31) and Chronological/Mailbox Bus Monitor
  • Physical Bus Interface (PBI) including STANAG3910 HS bus Electrical Front End (EFE)
  • Physical Replay capability- electrically reconstruct and replay previously recorded STANAG3010 record files physically to the STANAG3910 bus with excellent timing accuracy
  • Versions with reduced functionality (Single Function or Simulator Only) are available as well as dockable versions for use in
    ADock Docking Station
  • Capability to handle 8 General Purpose Discrete I/O (GPIO) signals and also offer Trigger I/O

Common Core Hardware Design
The ANET3910-EN module uses AIM’s ‘Common Core’ hardware design utilizing SoC (System-on-Chip) based hardware design with 2 dual core processing units. One dual core section is implementing the STANAG3838 and STANAG3910 Bus Interface Units (BIUs). On the second dual core section the Application Support Processor (ASP) is implemented under Linux OS and executes the driver software onboard and minimizes the load on the host processing system.

Onboard Processing – IRIG-B Time Synchronization
The onboard ASP (Application Support Processor) which is based on a SoC (System on Chip) hardware device is running under
Linux OS. This offers a scalable and flexible platform for hosting various onboard applications.
An onboard IRIG-B time encoder/decoder is included with sinusoidal output and free-wheeling mode for time tag synchronization on system level.

Board Software Package – Optional Analyzer Software
Full function driver software is delivered with the ANET3910-EN modules in comprehensive Board Software Packages (BSP’s) for different Operating Systems.
The optional™ Databus Test and Analysis Tool (for Windows and Linux) can also be purchased for use with ANET3910-EN modules.

STANAG3910 Functionality on further Form Factors


STANAG3910 Electrical Test and Simulation module for Standard Ethernet.
The ANET embedded Linux operating system gives the unique capability to run the optional Engine right in the box.
An optional ANET-ADK onboard software development kit allows users to create run-time applications to execute right
in the box.
The capability to execute Python scripts in the ANET is a standard feature.
For applications with multiple ANET devices AIM offers the ADock ANET Docking Station to host up to 4 ANET modules.

  • Concurrent HS/LS BC, Multi RT (31) and Chronological Monitor
  • Full HS/LS Error Injection/Detection
  • HS/LS Complex Triggering, Data Capture/Filtering, 100% HS/LS Bus Recording
  • HS/LS Physical Bus Replay
  • IRIG-B Time Encoder/Decoder
  • Full Function, Monitor Only and Simulator Only versions available
  • Drivers for Linux and Windows
  • Embedded Web Server and Configuration Application
  • Optional Databus Test and Analysis Software
  • Data Sheet
  • Release Notes
  • User Manuals
  • White Paper
Data Sheet
Download ANET3910-EN 24-01-11 777.39 KB
Release Notes
User Manuals
White Paper
ANET Whitepaper

Learn more about the ANET added values.

ANET Functional Concept

Get an overview over the ANET functional concept and its features.


The ANET-ADK (ASP Development Kit) is a optional tool kit for the development of customer applications written in C and executed on the ANET Application Support Processor (ASP) under LINUX Operating System. A customer application executed onboard the ANET can use the ANET’s MIL-STD1553 or ARINC429 interface via the standard Application Programming Interface functions similar to an application using the ANET from a host. However the full ANET LINUX environment is available to the customer applications so that standalone custom devices like gateways, bus translators etc. can be implemented very efficiently.

4.36 MB

The ADock-1A is an accessory for dockable ANET devices. Typically the dockable ANETs are hosted in ADock-4x stations, however in order to support standalone use the ADock-1A acts as a breakout adapter from the ANET Dock connector to Standard ANET connectors.

Download 9.57 MB

Ready Made Adapter Cable (2.0 m): From 15-pin HD-Sub to two Twinax Connectors PL-75

V01.00 Rev. A 576.05 KB

Ready Made Adapter Cable (2.0 m): From D-Sub9 to 2x BNC (Plug) for STANAG3910 (electrical)

V01.00 Rev. A 510.00 KB
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