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Data Loading Software

AIM offers software solutions for Data Loading requirements

AIM Data Loaders

For Data Loading requirements AIM provides software solutions for ARINC615A (over Ethernet, AFDX®/ARINC664P7) as well as ARINC615-3/4 (over ARINC429) which work together with the corresponding AIM interface modules.


EasyLoad-615A is the DataLoader GUI application which performs 615A Data Loading operations via Standard Ethernet ports (NICs) as well as via AIM’s AFDX®/ARINC664P7 by supporting 615A Upload, Download, FIND, INFORMATION operations. A built-in MediaSet generation capability and remote control supports a seamless integration of the tool into the Data Loading work flow.


EasyLoad-429 is the DataLoader GUI application which performs 615-3/4 Data Loading operations via AIM’s ARINC429 Interface modules supporting the different modes for data uploads and downloads.

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